Bookshelves Blitzing E-Book Sales

The E-Book is dead, long live the E-Book – thanks to bookshelves

Hand Drawn Bookshelves illustration by Franzi (via Shutterstock).
Bookshelves have become an extension of our personality, as well as a catalogue of classic tomes. Illustration by Franzi (via Shutterstock).

Back in the late noughties, e-books and Amazon’s Kindle were hoping to revolutionise reading. Pretty much in the same way the internet changed the way we shop. It was anticipated that bookshelves would be obsolete, and that households would get their literary fix from devices like the Kindle, or an iPad.

In 2017, we were proved wrong. Readers preferred their dead tree tomes to chip-based manuscripts. Books, for a start, didn’t need charging. A splash of coffee only makes the pages soggy (on a digital device… time for a new one, at worst). Books can be replaced at little expense too – ironically from online purveyors of literature – in book form as well as binary. Last year, more books than ever were published.

Instead of Kobos and Kindles, bookshelves are the new rock ‘n’ roll. Whether your collection covers Thomas Paine (The Rights of Man) or Tom Tyrrell (the late great legendary Today FM and Piccadilly Radio commentator), they have become part of our personality. What is driving this craze? The Shelfie.

Shelfies are… selfies of bookshelves. A celebration of our intellectual prowess as well as the literary company we keep. On social media sites – particularly Instagram and Pinterest – selfies of our bookcases attract a number of followers. Whether highbrow or unusual, they have become more than inspiration for interior design tips.

According to Minitel, sales of literary works of a dead tree nature are forecast to rise by 6% in the UK. As for e-books, a 1% drop in market share. With a digital device, you don’t get the same sense of ownership as you do with a hardback book.

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Steven Cleary Carpentry, 31 August 2017.

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