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     Bathrooms by Steven Cleary

Imagine you’ve come back from work or wish to get ready for a night out. You may choose to have a soothing bath or step into the shower. Then you find the shower is on the blink. Or you realise that the avocado suite was ‘so 1979’.

On that note, you realised that your bathroom needed an update. We at Steven Cleary Carpentry and Building Services are able to create a bathroom that is both unique and contemporary. Our bathroom designers in Dublin offer a range of traditional and modern designs for your dream bathroom or wet room.

Wet room, shower room or bathroom?

Wet rooms have seen a rise in popularity, especially in properties where space is at a premium. A wet room does away with the shower cubicle, though retains the splashproof screen. It includes a sloped floor leading to the grid for the shower. The sink and toilet are usually positioned opposite the showering area.

For some households, there is no substitute for a proper bathroom. We can fit baths in a number of shapes: corner baths, straight baths, also freestanding bathtubs and jacuzzis. Even hot tubs. We can also make necessary adjustments to bathrooms for wheelchair users.

A shower room can be suitable for households with little space. The main – most obvious difference – is the sealed cubicle, usually cuboid or chamfered at the entrance. Whether you choose a bathroom, shower room or wet room, we shan’t skimp on the fixtures or the tiling. Our work is guaranteed and insured.

Take the plunge

Whether you want an all-singing-all-dancing new bathroom suite or a new toilet, our bathroom fitters in Dublin can help. For your dream bathroom or individual fixtures, we shall visit your home and consider the possibilities. Then we shall look at potential designs and offer you a free no-obligation quote. We provide our bathrooms to clients around Dublin & Meath.