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Beautiful Garden Bench Design Ideas

6th September 2017 by in category News tagged as , , , , , , ,

A selection of inspirational garden bench design ideas to whet your appetite The humble garden bench: it can be as traditional as seen in the image above. Or modern yet refined. Or unusual and ingenious. In our latest blog post, we look at a few examples that fit any of the aforementioned categories.

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Unusual Coffee Table Ideas

15th August 2017 by in category News tagged as , , , , ,

Is your idea of a coffee table more out of the ordinary? Substance or style: do you prefer the own brand tea or Barry’s Tea? Or wood veneer over solid wood? Could these describe your choice of caffeinated beverage, or your choice of coffee table? If you prefer outlandish tables as well as prosaic designs, […]

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The Eames Chair: Iconic Furniture Designs

22nd February 2017 by in category News tagged as , , , ,

Why the Eames Chair is achingly timeless, even in 2017 There are some design icons which have aged gracefully and look the part today. Take for example British Rail’s InterCity 125 designed by Sir Kenneth Grange which entered service in 1976. Also the anglepoise lamp, again by the same fellow and used in art studios […]

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