Why choose Steven Cleary Carpentry for your child’s bedroom furniture?

Child's bedroom illustration by Olga1818 (via Shutterstock).
The only limit is your child’s imagination: Steven Cleary Carpentry can help you to create an imaginative bedroom for your son or daughter. Illustration by Olga1818 (via Shutterstock).

Steven Cleary Carpentry’s bespoke approach to furniture design is well suited to bedroom design. Especially where children’s bedrooms are concerned. We at Steven Cleary Carpentry are able to work with you on your child’s bedroom, with a choice of furniture that is easy to clean as well as hardwearing. This includes beds, wardrobes, and drawers.

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Some creative ways of making the best use of your attic conversion

Attic conversion image by PlusONE (via Shutterstock).
From spare bedrooms to studios, a newly converted attic is a more cost effective way to add space than moving home. Image by PlusONE (via Shutterstock).

The attic is a good place for an extra room. Once you have had an attic conversion, you may be wondering how to use the extra space. We at Steven Cleary Carpentry have a few suggestions you might like.

1. As a spare bedroom

The most common use of an attic conversion is as a spare bedroom. You may consider moving up from a two bedroom house to a three bedroom house an expensive option. Using your loft could be make for a good room for guests.

2. As a study

With June and July being traditional times of the year for exams and coursework deadlines, finding somewhere quiet for your homework or revision is a must. Your attic conversion could make for an attractive study, which is also suitable for…

3. Your personal library

Instead of cluttering up your living room or bedroom, why not turn your loft into a library? You could use your newly converted loft as a place for your treasured book collection or record collection.

4. As an art studio

If your attic conversion has a suitable level of natural light, an art studio could be a good use. This works well if you chose to have a number of roof lights or a dormer window. Some of the lower parts of the attic walls could be used for shelving, making best use of otherwise dead space.

Steven Cleary Carpentry, 26 May 2017.